Lawn Care Do’s and Don’ts for Various Seasons

When people drive by or visit your home, a well-kept lawn can make a great first impression. A beautiful yard speaks volumes about the care you take with your home. Lawn care can be a rigorous task. Here are tips on how to make the job easier:

Lawn Care Do’s and Don’ts for Various Seasons

Spring Care

Rake your yard in early spring to clear away debris that may inhibit grass from growing, and mow grass about 2-3 inches tall (to help establish deep roots). If possible, have the soil tested to pinpoint the type of fertilizer mix that is best for your lawn. Do not fertilize until the ground is warm and fertilizer can be absorbed. If you have dirt patches, mix seed and soil together to encourage new growth. Apply the mixture to the patch and tap it for effective contact.

Summer Care

Six Essential Summer Lawn Care Tips

Cutting your lawn short can hamper the root system’s growth. By mowing and leaving blades 2-3” high, roots can expand — and the grass shadows itself to maintain moisture. Leave clippings on the lawn to return nutrients to the soil. If you have a bag that catches the cuttings, you can:

  • Dispose of them in an organics bin
  • Place them in a composter
  • Scatter them over the lawn you just mowed

Your lawn needs about one inch of water per week. It’s best to water in early morning so moisture has time to be absorbed into the soil before the heat of the day. Do not overwater. Weeding can be easier if you walk your yard every other day to pull young weeds before they get a foothold.

Fall Care

Now is the time to prepare your lawn for next spring. It is best to seed in the fall. Mow your grass about 1/2″ shorter than in the summer, then seed. Remove clippings and any debris from the surface of your yard. Make several passes over your lawn at right angles for good coverage.

This season is a great time to aerate the soil and patch any dirt areas with a seed/soil mixture. Remove fallen leaves and any “thatching” before winter. Late fall is an excellent time to lay a thin layer of compost and rake it into the soil. After the first hard frost, perform the year’s last round of pulling weeds.

Winter Care

Winter care is easy if you prepared your lawn in autumn. Keep furniture and/or other objects off the lawn during the winter months. It is also a good idea not to walk on the grass when it has gone dormant and turned brown.

Lawn Care Do’s and Don’ts for Various Seasons

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