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Effective Insect Management with TreeAzin


It is estimated that billions of dollars in financial losses may be experienced as a result of damage to trees caused by insects such as the very destructive emerald ash borer. These pests may bring harm to the shoots, leaves, and crowns, causing a huge impact on a tree’s growth and condition. In many cases, a tree may prematurely die when damage becomes serious enough.


Effective Insect and Pest Control

Effective insect and pest control has become very crucial in ensuring that trees maintain their growth and remain healthy for years to come. Innovations in this field during the past few years have produced dramatic results and are expected to further improve the conditions of trees in forests, residential properties, and other area.

Largely credited for these remarkable results has been the introduction of the TreeAzin insecticide. In one study conducted in Canada, it was reported that over 98 percent of trees was able to survive an Emerald Ash Borer outbreak after getting treatment using TreeAzin. Trees injected with TreeAzin as far back as 2008 and which received regular treatment were found to maintain their healthy conditions today compared to trees that did not receive TreeAzin.

How TreeAzin Works

TreeAzin insecticide, which was developed in coordination with the Natural Resources Canada, works by killing the insects’ larvae that feed on a tree’s tissues by controlling their growth and interfering with their normal molting. The application of TreeAzin has also shown to reduce the fertility of adult females that feed on the tree’s leaves.

Application of TreeAzin

This very effective insecticide is applied by injecting under a tree’s bark, straight to its conductive tissues. It then works its way up together with the flow of water and other nutrients. The entire process starts with a thorough assessment of the situation by a TreeAzin service provider before coming up with the proper recommendation.

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