Tree Arborist

Disease control, protective pruning, stump grinding, pest control – do you know how to provide these services for your trees? If not, calling a professional tree arborist from Great Northern ReGreenery can be the answer to your “tree trauma.”

Homeowners who try to perform their own tree maintenance sometimes experience surprising challenges or might cause injury to themselves, family, pets, and/or visitors. Avoid these problems by hiring a tree arborist from Great Northern ReGreenery.

Tree Maintenance Can Save Money

Rather than losing or replacing trees, a call to tree professionals can prevent insect infestation, collapse of a tree (due to extreme weather, wind conditions, and/or broken branches), and save you the concern of injury to property, yourself, family members, or neighbours. All these issues could be financially devastating. With some maintenance, avoid the unpleasant surprise of unexpected costs.

Our Services

  • Committed to safety
  • At least one certified arborist on each crew
  • Government licensed for insect and disease control
  • Fully insured
  • WSIB clearance certificates available
  • International Society of Arboriculture membership

Full-service tree preservation is our primary goal. However, when the worst happens and you need a tree removed, call the experts. You also want to grind down the stump, because continually growing roots can still cause damage to property and an unsightly stump can be a physical hazard to anyone walking nearby.

Your local caring tree arborist is Great Northern ReGreenery. Contact us via email at, or through our online form. We look forward to solving your tree problems and making your nearby canopy beautiful, enjoyable, and safe for all passersby.

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