Tree Arborist Newmarket

Tree Arborist NewmarketTrees around a property add monetary value, protect a building from wind and damaging weather, and provide shade (plus savings on hydro) in the summertime. However, inclement weather can make a tree more of a threat than a benefit – especially if it might damage the property. In those instances, a professional tree arborist in Newmarket can address the problem and, hopefully, save the tree.
Dealing with your own tree maintenance can be dangerous (or detrimental to your canopy). Without proper safety equipment, ladders, and tools, you might harm yourself and/or the tree. The last thing you want is for a tree to fall or be uprooted because it wasn’t cared for properly. By calling a professional tree arborist from Newmarket you will save yourself injury, aggravation, and probably money.

Preserve Your Trees in Newmarket

A tree can collapse for a number of reasons:

  •  Wind and weather conditions
  •  Insect infestation
  •  Extreme temperatures (hot or cold)
  •  Broken branches

When a Tree Must Be Removed

Sometimes the worst happens and a tree must be removed. Great Northern ReGreenery wants to save a tree whenever possible. But if a tree is likely to fall or be uprooted, a professional team needs to come and safely take it down. The stump should also be ground so roots do not continue to grow and damage pipes, or the stump itself doesn’t pose a risk to anyone walking nearby.

For an experienced a tree arborist in Newmarket, call Great Northern ReGreenery toll-free at 1-877-775-7444 or email us at Please feel free to access our online form as well. Happy homeowners and business owners have healthy foliage.

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