Six Essential Summer Lawn Care Tips

Six Essential Summer Lawn Care Tips

Summertime can be one of the toughest periods for homeowners with lawns. Spring’s lush green turns to dry grass, with unattractive half-dead lawns. Maintaining a healthy landscape at your home requires effort. Read on to learn more on how to maintain a healthy lawn throughout the hot summer months:

Six Essential Summer Lawn Care Tips

Mowing the Lawn – A perfect lawn requires proper mowing during summertime. Maintaining grass blades is essential because it aids in making soil productive and healthy. Tall grass blades maintain moisture, until they need a trim.

Grass Clippings – After mowing, grass clippings can be redistributed evenly across the lawn to add beneficial nutrients to soil.

Fertilization – Add fertilizer at the beginning, middle, and end of summer. The process plays a significant role in maintaining a healthy lawn. Organic fertilizers, in particular, can keep grass green and attractive.

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Weeding – Weeds are a nuisance to lawns. Walk around regularly and remove newly formed weeds. They may hinder growth and development.

Watering – Water grass several times a week during summer. Do this early in the morning or late in the evening to help the soil receive hydration, and avoid dissipation in the heat. Do not overwater.

Pest Control – Pests can ruin lawn productivity. Purchase pesticides to kill ants and insects that harm your lawn during the summer. Ask for advice from your garden experts in the area.

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